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Student Services


BCCAT understands that many of its international students have entered a new environment without access to their family or a familiar social network. To help students assimilate into the local area BCCAT offers a range of student services that complement the language programs and help students create a local network of friends and support. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these services. Involvement is monitored and advising and support is offered within the school setting where it is seen that students are not participating and may be at risk. By taking advantage of the services offered, students can experience not only academic success, but personal success as well. Each service is designed to enhance the students’ learning experiences, assist them with academic challenges and help them achieve their goals. 

Advising Sessions

BCCAT provides a range of advising services to assist students with topics such as goal setting, planning and adjusting to their new home and US culture; academic advising to assist students with their academic progress and achievement; and immigration advice for students requiring help navigating the visa process. The advisory mission is to help students become the best possible version of themselves. Advising is a partnership in which the student and the adviser work together requiring commitment from both parties. The core of the advising program centers around conversations in which the adviser serves as a resource of knowledge and a source of referrals so that students may develop action plans to help them succeed both academically and socially. 

To make this partnership a success students should actively engage in the advising relationship, be open to researching the answers to questions with advisers in order to learn ways to find information on their own, act upon referrals to other sources of information and advice and let advisers know when they have not been able to find information and advice they need. 


Registration is open for enrollment at any time and applications are accepted per semester. Late registration may be accepted on a case by case basis but is discouraged. A placement test is required for all new students. 

There is one time (non-refundable) registration fee of $145. This fee is not part of the tuition and must be paid at the time of registration. 


A short orientation is held at the beginning of each school year. The purpose of Orientation is to introduce any new staff, faculty and students and to give new students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with BCCAT’s facilities. Staff will hand out any new or updated policies and go over emergency procedures. It also provides new students with an opportunity to ask any questions they may have. 

Student ID

Student ID is issued to all current BCCAT student. Student must fill out a student ID request form available at the BCCAT office. Student IDs take up to five business days to process.

Students are notified when their ID is ready for collection from the office.  

Complaints Definitions and Procedures

Any student and/or the student’s family may file a written complaint relating to BCCAT’s programs including but not limited to conduct of the school’s employees, advertising, standards and methods of instruction, equipment, facilities, collection of tuition or other charges or school records.

If a student has a formal complaint please put it in writing and hand it in at the school office or in the envelope next to complaint forms in student lounge. If help is required to write down the complaint the student is encouraged to speak to a staff or faculty member who can assist. All complaints are taken seriously and will be forwarded to the School Director for action. A meeting will be scheduled with the Director, the student making the complaint, and other involved parties as deemed necessary. If the student is not happy with the action taken to resolve the complaint a second and final meeting can be requested. After this final meeting the Director’s decision will be final.

Complaint forms are available in the student lounge and the administrative office.







Housing information is available upon request.  Please contact our student adviser if you need help finding a place to live.  Here are helpful websites: 




[Health Insurance]

BCCAT does not offer health insurance but in line with the Federal Government regulations, it strongly encourages all students to purchase cover.  Here are some of the insurance carriers for international students: 




[Art & Culture]

We want our students to experience and learn much of the new culture and surroundings.  Here are helpful sites to guide you to better experience New Jersey and New York.